Our Mission

Boy reading while sitting on a stack of books.

Helping at-risk readers

Our Mission is to provide at-risk students with effective, evidence-based instruction that will bring their reading and writing skills up to grade level or beyond.

We have ten years of experience in doing just that, and we intend to continue helping the many intelligent, capable, hard-working students in our community who suffer from poor grades, poor test scores, and poor self-esteem, whom we know will be successful given reading instruction that matches their learning style.

We know the challenges and hardships that await students who suffer from low literacy skills, and we know how to remediate their reading/writing

difficulties to build a brighter future. We are dedicated to using the highest quality, evidence-based instruction to develop the foundational building blocks of literacy, so crucial to academic and life success.

Phone: 925-425-0652
4713 First St., Ste 254
Pleasanton, CA, 94566-7398