Unlock your child’s potential with Foundations Tutoring
one-on-one tutoring that matches your child’s learning style

Up to 20% of the population will experience great difficulty learning to read,
but can be successful with specialized instruction.

  • Build a strong reading and writing foundation

  • Improve grades and test scores

  • Gain skills and confidence

  • Achieve school success

  • Develop homework independence

  • See significant and lasting progress

Does this sound familiar?

  • She comes to me crying, asking why she is so stupid…

  • My son feels misunderstood at school and comes home angry and depressed…

  • He doesn’t even want to go to school anymore. I don’t know what to do…

There is effective help

Foundations Tutoring offers a proven solution endorsed by parents and educators.

What’s different about Foundations Tutoring?

  • Learning methods that are “different” than traditional teaching and unique from other Barton tutoring programs

  • Instruction that works and actually changes the brain

  • Sufficient practice for fluency and permanent improvement

  • We CAN help your child become a successful reader, speller, and writer

Boy wanting to learn reading and spelling with his online tutor.

“In Middle School, my daughter was getting D’s and F’s. After one year of tutoring with the Barton system she is now getting mostly A’s and some B’s! But, more importantly, you should see her new attitude. She is much happier and easier to deal with each day. Thank you, thank you!”


“I have three Barton students in my class. I see the impact of this program daily. One of these students, who has been in the program for 2 1/2 years, is even in my highest reading group. Knowing his initial skills, I am convinced he would not be there without the support of this program.”

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