Beginning Steps

How to get started with your individualized tutoring program at Foundations Tutoring

Step 1: We invite you to learn more about us. Here are some ways:

• Explore our website and related links
• Email your questions to: [email protected]

Step 2: Make an appointment to have your child assessed.

Testing takes about an hour via Zoom, and the results will tell us whether or not our program can help your child. We use valid, standardized testing to confirm that your child does indeed need help, and then we determine what kind of help will be effective in meeting your child’s needs. The cost of an assessment is $400.00.

Step 3: Attend the follow-up meeting via Zoom.

We will:
• Discuss your child’s testing results
• Answer your questions
• Make instructional recommendations
• Offer an individualized tutoring program to meet your child’s needs

Assessment Request Form:

    Phone: 925-425-0652
    4713 First St., Ste 254
    Pleasanton, CA, 94566-7398