Why Choose Us

Foundations Tutoring Really Works!
Here’s why…

  1. We only accept students whom we know we can help. If we cannot help your child, we promise to do our best to point you in the right direction.
  2. Foundations Tutoring offers intervention instruction that is “different” than traditional teaching in both what is taught and how it is delivered. After all, more of the same won’t help… that’s why your child fell behind in the first place. Our instructional programs are intensive intervention curriculums that are rarely offered in schools or other tutoring centers.
  3. Our Programs are aligned with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) research, and are proven to be effective by standardized data.
  4. We are unique from others who offer Barton tutoring. Our ten years of experience with hundreds of students in the public schools have enabled us to develop supplementary materials that coordinate and compliment the Barton curriculum. Reading Highlights and Sweet Sounds are two of our programs that guarantee sufficient practice for fluency and permanent improvement.
  5. Our tutors receive high quality initial training, as well as thorough ongoing training and support by experienced facilitators. In addition to the expertise of individual tutors, your child will benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of our entire team.
  6. We consistently monitor your child’s progress with norm-referenced tests to confirm that he is making real progress, and that the progress is at a rate sufficient to catch him up to grade level or beyond. One-on-one tutoring with diagnostic instruction allows us to modify your child’s program as needed to yield the greatest progress possible.
  7. We accept and help even those students who have not yet passed the Barton readiness screening test. Your child must have critical readiness skills in place in order to be successful in the Barton reading program. It is critical that your child NOT start the Barton program if she hasn’t yet passed the readiness screening. Foundations Tutoring is unique in that we offer a pre-Barton program, proven effective to build the skills needed for success in Barton. So if your child does not pass the readiness screening, don’t despair…we can still successfully tutor her!
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